In 2021, the world-renowned jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. introduces the new Atlas X collection. The first Atlas™ collection in its 26-year history, the Atlas X collection is a bold reinterpretation of a classic design, with a modern, eye-catching personality and a positive attitude to seize every second.

Mastering every second, dominating every moment

From top to bottom: Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Atlas X Collection 18K rose gold pave diamond hinged wide bracelet, circle pendant and wide ring

In 1995, Tiffany launched the Atlas™ collection, inspired by the Roman numerals on the giant clock above its Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York City. Inheriting this inspiration, the Atlas X collection is a unique reflection on time, designed to remind people to cherish what is important and to live up to every moment of time with dazzling metals and sparkling diamonds. In exploring the infinite possibilities of every minute and second, the Atlas X collection creates its own mark on life.

Avant-garde attention, with its own halo

From top to bottom: Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Atlas X Collection 18K rose gold pave diamond hoop pendant, hinged wide bracelet, wide ring; 18K rose gold hoop earrings

The Atlas X Collection continues the Atlas™ design and classic Roman numeral motif with an edgy twist that gives the wearer a modern, timeless look. With the introduction of The Tiffany® Setting six-prong diamond ring in 1886, the faceted silhouette became one of the brand’s signature symbols. Tiffany has enlarged it with precise proportions to give the Atlas X collection a distinctive three-dimensional aesthetic and create a focal point. The Roman numerals, beautifully engraved, are also set against the silhouette to create a deep and distinctive effect.

From top to bottom: Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Atlas X Collection 18K rose gold and diamond hinged wide bracelet; 18K white gold and diamond hinged wide bracelet; 18K rose gold and diamond pave hinged wide bracelet

The Atlas X Collection is a modern and glamorous collection with Tiffany diamonds. Tiffany’s Roman numerals are carefully outlined with diamonds, or paved with a simple pattern, and the light and shadows are reflected to create a dazzling mark of life, revealing the charm of elegance and freedom.

With striking shapes and exquisite details, Tiffany presents the new Atlas X collection of jewelry with a modern aesthetic interpreted with artisanal craftsmanship. A three-dimensional pose, it is a statement of self-focused style; a classic Roman symbol, it is a reflection of the human attitude of cherishing time. The classic Roman symbols reflect the philosophy of cherishing time.

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