Known for its bold, colorful and distinctly Roman designs, Bulgari remains one of the leading brands in the jewelry world.

The Bulgari family is one of the world’s preeminent jewelers, known for its exquisite craftsmanship, style and unique aesthetics. Founded in 1884 by Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari, the family business has flourished over the decades by creating elegant jewelry that draws inspiration from Greek and Roman classicism, the Italian Renaissance, and the work of the 19th century Roman goldsmith school. Today, as in the past, traditional themes continue to inform modern designs, paying homage to Rome and showing sensitivity to the modern woman.

Bulgari’s jewelry successfully blends the past and present, combining architectural elements with a contemporary feel. The feminine and colorful “fan” motif of the “Divia’s Dream” necklace, Lot 214, takes its inspiration from the mosaic baths of Carla in Rome (built in 217 AD). With this design, Bulgari subliminally captures a part of ancient Rome and the important role these baths provided in social and religious settings – to purify the soul and body. This theme and the imagination it inspires are an important part of the Bulgari brand.

The tanzanite, diamond, turquoise and emerald necklace, lot 215, combines the color, movement and design of modern Bulgari. Playful and sensual, this piece of jewelry tells a story of life and luxury with its subtle use of tapered turquoise and pavé diamond links, accented with round and emerald round accents. Gorgeous tumbled tanzanite, in organic form, juxtaposed with more geometric pieces, draws attention with this contrast in shape and size, forming a tapered link tassel with gem-set ends. The necklace aptly represents the modern woman of Rome: soft, playful, sensual, colorful and strong.

The Parentesi collection, see lot 213, was Bulgari’s first modular jewelry collection, debuting in 1982. The design was initially unadorned and easy to wear. At the time, no one expected the geometric motif, inspired by the interlocking travertine stones of ancient Roman sidewalks, to be so popular. parentesi jewelry was so successful that diamonds and colored stones were added to the motif later. Today, although the proportions and angles have been updated, the collection remains a cornerstone of the brand’s fine jewelry.

Lot 219, the “Ring” bracelet, is an extremely rare, limited edition of just three. As expected from Bulgari, color plays an important role in this whimsical design. What is unusual about this design is not only the combination of colors or the suggestion of a ring, but also its sculptural, majestic and powerful nature, which breaks with the classic concept of what a bracelet should be.

For over 100 years, Bulgari has been described as a symbol of excellence. In all their creations they pay homage to the past, staying true to their original aesthetic, as illustrated by the luxurious, colorful and majestic Bulgari jewelry in this auction.

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