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    CChen jewelry

    We are a factory-based gold & diamond jewelry maker since 2008. We offer customized authentic 18K gold designer jewelry items which made of white gold, pink gold, yellow gold, platinum,  gemstones and diamonds.
    We also can offer designer jewelry customized. Using the same materials with top craftmanship. They can be exactly the same to the original designs, but also can with your own designs. No need to worry about the fading and cheap looks of replicas.  Because they are using the same gold and the high grade diamonds, they can be worn just as the authentic brand jewelry ones in any ocassion, and no fear friends’ inquires about these items.
    More importanly, the price of the real gold and diamond items that made by is just about 5%-10% of the originals! If there are any needs for such items, please kindly to contact us for more details.
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    Solid 18K Gold

    Custom jewelry maker of gold jewelry. 18k yellow gold, pink gold, platinum white gold jewelry custom service all available.

    Diamond Jewelry

    We use top quality diamonds to make your designer jewelry, including VS1, HS1 diamonds with GIA certificates.

    Luxury Designer Jewelry

    We offer 1:1 highest quality designer jewelry customized. Same materials, same styles but can be with your own requirements.

    Natural Gems Jewelry

    We custom make the luxury jewelry with various natural gemstones, like ruby, sapphire, emerald, opal.


    Are you a fan of the style luxury ring, earrings, bracelet or necklace? They are among the top luxury products in the world. Most people like them, but not able to afford them. Now, CChen jewelry offers the custom jewelry making service that you can let us know what you like and your special requirements, we will make the jewelry for you. The same gold, the same gemstones, the same diamonds and the same designs. With our top craftmanship and direct factory selling, you will only need to pay small part of money to get a style jewelry that you are not dare to imagine before.